As a multinational organisation, JHS Sourcing Ltd. are shaped by inbuilt global and social consciousness throughout the company. JHS Sourcing Ltd’s commitment to corporate social responsibility covers ethical and environmental issues, staff training and development. not only does this provide a valuable contribution to society and the planet, but also ultimately enhances the level and quality of service to customers offered by the JHS Sourcing Ltd team, and in turn contributes to the growth of the company.

There are three main spheres of csr addressed by texweave:

a) factories are all comprehensively and continuously evaluated to ensure social compliance. JHS Sourcing Ltd monitors the welfare & working environment, facilities (medical,  food & water, transport, childcare) and labour policies, ensuring optimal conditions for all those involved within the supply chain, with a zero tolerance on child labour and other poor practises. JHS Sourcing Ltd’s code of labour practise and comprehensive compliance manual can both be obtained upon request.

b) JHS Sourcing Ltd’s unique management style & structure enables staff at all levels to raise ideas & concerns with senior management, and JHS Sourcing Ltd’s offices provide unique working places taking into account needs & sensitivities with a wide range of facilities and comfortable environment.

Social Compliance Initiatives

Social compliance is a legal requirement that takes into account minimum labour standards, occupational safety measures and environment concern. To run a factory in Bangladesh, the entrepreneur is obliged to comply with the ‘National Labour Law’ and if any additional requirement from buyer. Key initiatives are :

  • No child labour
  • Factories must have alternate stairs, basic fire equipments.
  • Approved layout plan from concerned authority for ensuring safe building construction
  • Mandatory Group Insurance for all workers and employees in each factory
  • Hygienic sanitation facility and first aid appliance
  • Declaration of ensuring minimum wages.